The Acceleration Program aims to support the commercialization of research in the medical and life science fields. Support includes funding for research, educating researchers on commercialization, providing guidance to researchers, and mentoring for commercialization projects.
Academia, business and finance will collaborate in TBAP to commercialize research. Through TBAP, each participant can expect the following benefits:

  • Academia (universities, research institutes, hospitals, etc.) benefits from their ability to promote their researchers’ discoveries and improve competitiveness as a research institution. Also benefits from their ability to provide services as an ARO through the TBAP network.
  • Businesses (pharmaceutical and food companies, medical device manufacturers, etc.) benefit from early access to future commercialization seeds and diversification of initial stage risks.
  • Financial entities (institutional investors) benefit from an enhancement of their investment capabilities in the healthcare sector given the additional range of investment opportunities as well as access to expert opinions and views.